Jenner Evans
Welcome to a little piece of ME. This is the place I share my insight on major pieces that make up my life; love, truth, happiness, health and lessons we should all try and learn before taking a speed bag to the face. By no means do I believe this place, which holds my words of totally AH-MAZING wisdom, is the tell-all be-all of life lessons. However, I have become besties with a speed bag more than a few times in life. It has given me the ability to relate to people's struggles, a sense of humility, the feeling of triumph and some killer head gear.

I do not take myself too seriously. I can't. I couldn't make up some of the stories that have happened in my life even if I tried. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff or sweat someone else's small stuff for that matter (*wink*). Learn to laugh every day. Laughter feeds the soul and the best kind of laughter is the kind you find in yourself.

I hope this site brings smiles, laughs, ideas, new information and a place for you to share your journey as well. We are all in this thing called life together. The Only difference is some of us do it in heels with a smart mouth.


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